Creative Director & Founder

The Art & The Direction

Data-driven Artist and UX Director with 13 years of experience in eCommerce, Startups, fin-tech, and other digital industries.

Simion’s story begins in April 89′, Chisinau, Moldova, a small post-soviet country in Eastern Europe. He was born and raised in a family of artists, doctors, and engineers. Simion spent his youth in a typical post-USSR neighborhood, along with his elder brother, where he went to a common Moldavian high-school. English, Math, Arts, and Music were his favorite classes. Everything else felt like a waste of time… From the early age he became obsessed by gaming and gadgets. The first device he got was a Sega Mega Drive II as a present for his 10th birthday. At the age of 14 he got his first PC: Intel Celeron 1,7 GHz, 256MB ram, 64 Gb GeForce Mx440, LiteOn 17″ CRT display, Logitech laser mouse, Samsung Ml 1210 printer, running on Windows XP OS.

Life Vision

Simion believes in Continuous Evolution. This means that every step we take in life, business, art has a substantial impact on our future. The same is happening with the digital products. A masterpiece is created only through a series of evolutional steps, improving the UX flow and conversion rate. Simion calls it: data-driven evolution.

As a designer, he always strives for the best possible (and impossible) results on every level. Simion believes that time is limited and therefore it is more valuable than money. You can earn more money, but you can never earn more time. Therefore, he chooses only the clients & projects that go in line with his vision.


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